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The supply of complete products or their parts for chain stores, public areas (e. g. libraries, study halls) or subcontracts (outsourcing) for other producers of furniture, home furnishings and accessories. Quality management system and environmental management system conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.

Typical products

Free production capacities (outsourcing) in the wood processing

Typical products

Are you looking for a supplier of an already existing or so far only
a planned product or a furniture part?

Typical products According to your draft, sample or documentation we shall propose the solution and provide you with the quotation. In the case of an agreement, we shall start the production of a test series.

By cooperating with us you will gain the following:

  • production capacity with the use of advanced technologies
  • continuous supervision over the production quality
  • high reliability and delivery time guarantee
  • long-term experience with large-scale mass production for both local and foreign customers
  • ability to combine different materials (wood, metal, plastic, glass, textile etc.), including their surface treatment
  • competitive prices and reduction of your present costs
  • assembly and packing according to your requests
  • individual approach to all orders

Contact us, we will be pleased to answer any of your questions or inquiries.

Technologies available in the wood processing

Typical products
  • sizing, cutting (CNC automatic sizing saw)
  • machining (CNC wood-working machine with high dimensional accuracy)
  • sanding (wide-belt sander)
  • edge-banding (automatic edge-banding machine)
  • surface treatment (curtain coating line, waterborne UV curing line, spraying cabins)

Main materials used in the wood processing

  • chipboards, particle boards (untreated, melamined, laminated and veneered)
  • MDF boards (untreated, melamined, laminated and veneered)
  • OSB boards
  • plywood
  • solid wood (spruce, pine, beech, birch…)
Typical products

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